As Seen In: Voyage Raleigh

As Seen In: Voyage Raleigh
Thank you to Voyage Raleigh for this write-up about Leluna Star! I am thrilled to be amongst so many amazing people.

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5 Steps to Create an Epic Mermaid Party

5 Steps to Create an Epic Mermaid Party

Mermaid Parties are a timeless theme for a party and there are so many fun options available to make your party spectacular! Here are 5 steps you can take to create an epic mermaid party:


I love mermaid colors and this balloon arch is a fantastic way to bring in all those colors and really create a "wow" moment. 

Zazzle has a lot of invitations and signs that would work for a mermaid party like this sweet one for a baby shower. 

This backdrop from Amazon is a great price and looks absolutely fantastic in photos. 


Pinterest has a wide range of Mermaid Party food ideas. Check out all the ideas here!


Head back to Zazzle for this simple game: What's Your Mermaid Name?  Have everyone figure out their mermaid name at the start of the party, have them wear name tags and start calling everyone by their new mermaid names!



Leluna Star has a wide range of items that can be given as gifts if you are attending or throwing a Mermaid Party. From crowns, wands, dress-up masks, art, and your own personal (and custom) mermaid!





Some people aren't big on party favors, but I personally love to give little trinkets that I know will be used for years to come. A coloring doll, keychain and bracelet are all items that inspire creativity and foster imagination. 


 No matter how big or small your party is, enjoy planning and putting together your epic mermaid party! 

June 2021 Leluna Star Update

June 2021 Leluna Star Update

How is it already June?!

Here we are in June and 2021 has seemed to flown by faster than most years. How's it going for Leluna Star in 2021? How did our first event in over a year go? What does the second half of the year hold? Keep reading!


Last month, we had packed up the car and set up for our first event of 2021...which was also our first event in over a year! It was as if it was the first day at a new job: nerves, tears, uncontrollable laughter, and meeting so many great people!  All of the hard work in designing and creating a new line of products paid off as the comments from customers about the new Leluna Loveable collection were so heartfelt and have inspired me to keep creating more!

We will be back at Downtown Cary Food and Flea on Sunday, June 13th and hope you can come down. This will be our last event until August as we take some time off in July to spend it with family and friends when the kids are off from school. 

For June, I've added so many new items to the Brand Sparkling New collection: new Darling Bunny Dolls, Swaddle Sweeties, Mermaid Dolls, Pretend Playset, Keychains, Dress-up Masks, Doodle Dolls and more!





 A Lookback

You need to look back to look forward, right? Or something like that. At the end of 2020, I sat down and set a few goals for 2021. I had done my research, I had tested designs, and I knew that the new line of Leluna Loveables was where I was ready to begin. I have been thrilled with the feedback and response from this new adventure. Looking forward, I have 3 new Loveable designs that I will be working on over the next few months.  Some will take more time than others to release to you all, but once they are here (including the option for customization)....I am going to be so thrilled to share them with everyone!     

 As mentioned above, I have my next event on June 13th and hope to see you there. I will be doing less events this year than in years past, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and "like" my business on Facebook for announcements as to when I will be doing markets. 

If you haven't already, sign up for our monthly newsletters to receive a discount code that is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

Once again...thank you for supporting a small business!

- Leah

April 2021 Leluna Star Update

April 2021 Leluna Star Update

Spring has sprung!

Spring is always one of my favorite seasons. I love gardening and seeing things turn green and grow again just makes my heart happy. So it is a perfect time to celebrate, in my opinion, so that's exactly what we are doing for the rest of the month of April with our Spring Fling sale!


You choose how you want to save with either 20% off your entire order or Free Shipping. You can find all the details on our Current Promotion page.

Brand Sparkling New Items        

This month, I've added to the Leluna Loveable collection with the "Darling Dolls". These dolls have been so much fun to design, create and share with you. The dolls are make from cotton fabrics, with some dolls having specialty fabrics and accessories. They are 18" in size and just the perfect size for all sorts of adventures. 

I will be offering a custom Darling Doll option in May where you can design your own doll.



Mermaids! Mermaids! Okay...these ladies were beyond fun to make. Seriously...I have the best job. And apparently, you all thought so too as these ladies sold quickly!

I will be making more Mermaid Dolls in the upcoming months, but I will also be offering a custom Mermaid Doll option as well in you can create your own special mermaid!

With it being Spring, I thought a new Flower Shop Pretend Playset was perfect for this time of year! Take a order for flowers, make a bouquet and brighten someone's day.



But wait...there's more!

In May we will be having our first event in over a year!!!  On May 9th, I will be at Downtown Cary Food and Flea and I am thrilled to have an event on the calendar. I will be fully vaccinated at this point but still doing my part to have a safe, socially distanced event. 

I will be doing less events this year than in years past, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and "like" my business on Facebook for announcements as to when I will be doing markets. 

If you haven't already, sign up for our monthly newsletters to receive a discount code that is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

Once again...thank you for supporting a small business!

- Leah

March 2021 Leluna Star Update

March 2021 Leluna Star Update

Winter Showers bring Spring Flowers

This past month has brought us a lot of rain. So much rain. And while the grey skies would have normally have dampened the creativity in my studio, this month was different. 

Continuing to stay focused on Leluna Loveables this month has helped with the "blah" days and kept my creativity flowing. 


This month, I will be releasing new items from product groups that you have grown to love over the years: new crowns, wands, dress up masks, art, and pretend play. However, I am also adding to the Leluna Loveables with the Tag-A-Long and Mermaid Dolls!




Introducing...MORE Leluna Loveables

"Leluna Loveables"
 will be a growing collection of items that aligns with our motto of fostering creativity and sparking imagination. Our Tag-A-Long Dolls and Mermaid Dolls are the next items from this collection: handmade, soft dolls that are the perfect size for little ones to imagine adventures and care for. These dolls are limited in number and made-to-order, so you can be certain that you are truly getting a handmade item.




But wait...there's more!

In April I will be adding even more to this new product line! So be sure to follow me on Instagram and "like" my business on Facebook. If you haven't already, sign up for our monthly newsletters to receive a discount code that is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

Once again...thank you for supporting a small business!

- Leah

February 2021 Leluna Star Update

February 2021 Leluna Star Update
New journeys are here at Leluna Star as we introduce Leluna Loveables, a collection of soft dolls, fairies, accessories and more that foster creativity and spark imagination.

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January 2021 Leluna Star Update

January 2021 Leluna Star Update

It's a new year. Time to look back and plan ahead. 

2020 was a year for...well, let's hope for the memory books. Right as I was planning on starting my always busy Spring market season, everything shut down - events cancelled - and the future of my small business was put into question. 

Thankfully, I was in a position to put my years of sewing experience and my collection of fabrics to good use and began make cotton face masks for those that needed them and for the public. When things were so uncertain, having control over something helped me out a did knowing that I was providing a service for my community. 

As the rest of the year went by, it was obvious that I (personally) would not be doing any in-person events for the rest of 2020, so it was time to focus even more on my website and online sales. The writing was on the wall: 2020 was going to be the year of online shopping. 

Which, in all honesty, pushed me to do what I've been needing to do for awhile. It was time to clean up and clean out my website. But how do you choose what stays and what goes? I love making all the things. Reality check though...not possible. I will probably always be available to make all the things that I have made in the past...but the website (and my business) needs some streamlining.

In addition, and even more importantly, I need to get back to creating what brings me joy because when I do is obvious in my work and to my and the always loyal customers. 

That being said...2021 is going to bring more change to my small business than any other year has. The website will be getting revamped and there will be a large number of products that I will no longer be offering. Any of those items that I still have in inventory are now part of our Winter Sale and can be found in the Closeout Sale section of the website and once they are gone...that's all folks! 

What's coming?  More of the things that I love making...but so many new things that I can't wait to share with you. January will be a month of cleaning up but also of creating. So so so much creating!!

Here's to starting off a new year on a fun note!

-- Leah

Gift Guide: Imaginative Play

Gift Guide: Imaginative Play

Imaginative Play...It's a kind of open-ended, unstructured play, with no rules, goals, or result – except that kids learn a lot along the way. That's what we encourage at Leluna Star and the motivating factor behind everything we make: Foster creativity. Spark Imagination.

This gift guide is focus on three collections that do just that: Felt Dress Up Masks, Pretend Play Sets and Crowns and Wands

Felt Dress Up Masks
We have been making our Dress Up Masks for years and my daughter has been wearing hers for just as long. There is something special watching a child "become" a character that they have seen in their favorite movie or TV show. They bring them to life as they act out their adventures. Most of our felt masks are available in Small and Large sizes, with the large size fitting big kids and adults. 

Felt Mask    Felt Mask

Felt Mask

Pretend Play Sets
When I started making these Pretend Play Sets a few years ago, I made them primarily for my daughter to use. She was always looking for more "accessories" to use when she pretended to be a waitress or chef or doctor. Now one of her favorite things to do is to record a video of her "unboxing" new playsets as I finishing stitching them out. 

There are thousands of dress-up clothes out there, but finding quality accessories isn't easy. My daughter is now 7 and we have been through lots of dresses and costumes that last a year or two before they are outgrown or falling apart from hours of play. However, the crowns and wands that I've made her are still being worn and played with years later. We have princess crowns, pirate hats, and even bad guy/girl accessories...because someone has to play the bad guy, right?  

Gift Guide: Where I Like to Shop

Gift Guide: Where I Like to Shop
As you shop over the next few weeks, I will always encourage you to support small businesses. Why? Small businesses are the foundation to our communities. It's been proven that small businesses are more likely to support more small businesses. 

Here are some of my favorite small businesses to support and why:

Pretty Clever Words
As many of you know, Laura with Pretty Clever Words is one of my partners in business and a true motivating factor in my life. Her motto that "Words Matter" is evident in her work, art and life. If you are looking for unique gifts that inspire and motivate, please visit her page at

Years ago, I met Mike with Mike D's BBQ at a local market and probably scared him to death with the amount of chatting him up I did. Over the years, he has become another one of my partners in business and an accountability partner that keeps me focused during the crazy times. It has been a true honor to be a part of the journey to watch his business grow and watch him reach huge goals that he set for himself. If you haven't already, get you some of his award winning sauces and rubs today!

I love a good pen and this year I treated myself to a beautiful pen from Wallton Craftworks. This is another small business that I met at a local market and have admired their work for awhile. These pens would make a wonderful gift for anyone that appreciates taking the time to handwrite something special. 

I don't wear much jewelry...but give me a set of big earrings!  Any time that I wear any earrings from Adornments by Anousone, I get compliments! So treat yo'self!

If you know anything about me, you know that I like to eat. I also love cheese. Pour some of Cottage Lane Kitchen's pepper relish over some cream cheese and you have a simple appetizer....that I will eat all of, if you let me! I met Samantha with Cottage Lane Kitchen at a local market and have always admired her positivity and attitude to get things done and how she supports her fellow small business owners.
If you are looking for even more small business owners to support, please visit The Traveling Tent (online or follow on Facebook). Laura with Pretty Clever Words and myself have been working to curate gift guides highlighting small business owners that could all use your support now and all year round.

Adventure Awaits: Creating a shared bedroom

Adventure Awaits: Creating a shared bedroom

Before life officially gets crazy(-er), I wanted to sit down and put together this blog post about the changes we made to our daughter's room as we get ready for the arrival of her baby brother. 



There were two main goals in this redo: Create a space that will grow with both of them for a few years because we can not be doing this every other year...and create better storage spaces in their room, without taking up too much space for play!

Of course, the thing that was taking up the most space in her room was her bed. She had a full sized bed before the redecorating began and it took up so much space! I mean, she LOVED her big bed...but hello, we needed more floor space. 

The first thing we decided on was a bunk bed was in her future. To begin with, once the baby transitions out of his toddler bed, they'll still be sharing a room and it's a great solution. We went with the Ikea Mydal bunk bed frame (I've included links to as many items as possible at the end of this blog post) and painted it white. We purchased mattresses from Ikea as well. Her duvet cover set was from Amazon and I had just purchased it for her full sized bed, so I ended up cutting it in half and sewing it into 2 twin sized comforters. It's two-sided and really adorable.

The crib was from Ikea and I am a minimalist when it comes to cribs. Safe and comfortable are my only requirements. The Gulliver crib was exactly that. It transitions into a toddler bed, so we will get plenty of use out of it over the next few years.


I've made a few crib sheets for the crib but came across this sheet from Target in their clearance section and just had to grab it! Plus, you can't have too many crib sheets in my opinion. 



Of course, with making sure those two large pieces of furniture fit where they needed to, that didn't leave me with much room for a dresser. I looked everywhere and ended up coming back to Ikea again. I chose the Dyfjord dresser in white and changed up the hardware for a more modern feel. I knew I would be using it as a changing table as well for a while and this was the perfect height for me, perfect width for the space and the right amount of storage. 

Speaking of storage, give me organized dressers every day of the week. Seriously. I have used these Skubb boxes from Ikea for years and grabbed another set for the kid's dresser and closet. They are really great for socks, baby onesies, underwear and more!

Books. Books. And more books. 

This kiddo has more books than she has clothing....and I'm completely okay with that. We have read to her every single night she has been alive (unless of course she has fallen asleep before we get to it) so she has a large collection of books. 


Our awesome friend Bruce, created this custom window seat for us that has so much storage. Besides the two sections for her books, underneath the window seat cushion there is a hidden compartment for stuffed animals and dolls. Again, I was determined to not let an inch of space in this room to go unused. 

The window seat cushion and pillows were all sewn by me and I knew that I wanted to go with a monochromatic color scheme with pops of color throughout the room. 



Maddie has some "special books" that I wanted to find a place where they would be protected from a little brother and this space behind the door was a perfect fit for a DIY bookshelf project. I used this tutorial on Pinterest, but there are a ton out there.

I went back and forth with doing a large mural on this wall, but I also knew that my painting skills are limited, so I went with these stars from Wordy Bird Studios on Etsy and I am so happy that I did. I choose the Gold color and they are a muted gold color, so it is just enough shimmer when the sun hits them without being "too much".

The cloud lights are from Ikea and are a soft glow nightlight effect. The "cloud bookshelves" are another DIY project that I created. We used spice racks from Ikea that were used as small bookshelves when Maddie was younger and used some scrap plywood to cut out clouds. Some small finishing nails and a coat of white paint - done!

Speaking of paint - I had these two colors picked out for awhile after a random trip to Lowes one day. White Pepper (4001-1A) and Opal Slate (4001-1C) were the two colors used in this room. 



One of the sweetest things in this room, other than my babies of course, is this custom canvas from my dear friend at Pretty Clever Words. Every night we put Maddie to bed, as we are walking out of her room we say "Hey Maddie...I love you..." and then she rushes to say "I love you to the moon, the stars, the sun, and all the way back to all the planets again." ... and we say back, "I love you just like that."

I can't remember when she started saying it but it is seriously my favorite part of the day. If I have had a bad day or things are just going so wrong - her sweet little voice puts a smile on my face every time.

The moment I realized that we would be redecorating this room, this piece of artwork was one of the first things on my list and Lulu at Pretty Clever Words knew exactly what to create. It's difficult to see in the above photo, but it looks like the night sky and Maddie loves it too!


The one corner of the room that will probably get the most use - the changing table. With Maddie we used a dresser top as well and it worked great. It was the perfect height for me and once they are out of diapers - boom - back to a regular dresser. 

I created the baby mobile myself, as well as the changing pad cover (it matches the other crib sheets not pictured). The Dr. Seuss inspired artwork is from Home Goods. 


Will you look at this sweetness? Maddie is obsessed with stuffed animals. Seriously, she names each one, remembers where she bought it or who gave it to her, sleeps and plays with them all the time....seriously obsessed. She was on the hunt for the perfect stuffie for her baby brother for months. I offered some options that I thought were pretty cute...nope. Not good enough. 

Then one night I was updating our baby registry through the Target app and she was looking over my shoulder (adding her two cents) and she saw this stuffed animal set: A bigger bunny in a superhero cape holding a smaller bunny - both with their superhero masks on - ready for their next adventure. I mean, it was a done deal. 

The other thing that stays by her side every night is her "blankie" that a friend handmade for her. Besides his own stuffed animal (because let's be honest - she may not share any of her animals with her baby brother) - he needed his own blanket. We went to Joann's, she picked out the fabric, helped me cut it out and pinned it, sat on my lap as we sewed it - and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. 

So there you go!! All we need is to bring little man home and the room will officially be "complete". 


Links to Items:

Ikea Mydal Bunk Bed
Duvet Set
Ikea Gulliver Crib 
Ikea Dyfjord Dresser
Ikea Skubb boxes
Baby Mobile: Custom design by Leluna Star
Window Seat Cushion: Custom design by Leluna Star
Window Seat Pillows: Custom design by Leluna Star
Gold Stars Wall Decals by Wordy Bird Studios on Etsy
Ikea Dromsyn cloud wall lamp
Ikea Bekvam spice rack (used for cloud bookshelves)
Custom artwork by Pretty Clever Words