July Newsletter: Loyalty Program

July Newsletter: Loyalty Program

Have you signed up for our Star Points loyalty program yet? It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up for our loyalty program and start earning "Star Points" that can be redeemed for future purchases. 

It is a simple as 1 - 2 - 3!

1. Visit

2.  Look for the purple rewards box at the bottom of the page. It's a purple rectangle with a white star.

3. Enter your information and confirm your account.

You'll earn points just signing up for the program, following us on Instagram and Facebook (this needs to be done through this program) and by shopping with us online or at our local events. 

Once you earn 500 points (or spend $50 with us) you'll receive a $5 off coupon. Since you earn 200 points just by signing up, you'll be earning those coupons in no time!

If you signup using the same email address that you entered when ordering, your loyalty program account will be credited with past purchases. If you have any questions or are having any problems signing up, please contact us at and we will be glad to help.

July Newsletter: Ready to Ship & Gift Ideas

July Newsletter: Ready to Ship & Gift Ideas

This may be the newest thing going on at Leluna Star - our Ready to Ship items.

A quick explanation of how all this came about: In a normal year, we have upwards of 20 or more local events (pop-up markets and craft fairs) that we create inventory for and set up a tent full of products to sell face-to-face with new and old customers. Obviously, 2020 has been anything but a "normal" year. After a few events in the early spring of this year, we packed up the tent and inventory and called it a day...well, in all honesty, probably a year. Most of our events scheduled for 2020 have been cancelled and we are not sure what is going to happen for the rest of the year. 

That being said, we now have a "tent" full of product that are ready for purchase with no production time. It is truly "Ready to Ship"...or pickup locally at our location in Cary, NC within 24 hours of ordering (and usually sooner). We will be adding products to this section of the website every week as we have time. 

Think of it as shopping at one of my craft fairs...but from the comfort of your own home!

Of course, all of the products on the website (except items that have been discontinued) are always available to order. Current production/shipping times are located on the website and we update that as needed.

We honestly don't know what the rest of 2020 will bring our small business and we are taking this all month-by-month. We have new products that we will be debuting in August in time for the holiday shopping season. We will also be joining forces with another small business to help put the spotlight on other small businesses during this tough time. Follow along on our Instagram and Facebook pages for weekly updates. 

Thank you for your continued support! 

July Newsletter: Cotton Face Masks

July Newsletter: Cotton Face Masks

We began making custom cotton face masks in March of this year and before we knew it, that's almost all we were doing for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. As long as the days were, it really brought us joy to be providing a need during a stressful time. 

Plenty has changed since March: 

  • We now have over 40 different fabric options for masks, including Autumn and Winter fabrics. We also have Ready to Ship (or pickup) masks and masks that are made with limited edition fabrics. 
  • All masks are made with a soft knit elastic or cotton ties
  • All of our Premium masks come standard with a pocket for a filter and a nose clamp, but any of our masks can be customized with those additions. We are doing our best to truly give you the opportunity to get a mask that works for you and your family.
  • You can now find Knit Headbands with buttons and Ear Savers on our website to help for when you have a long day of wearing your mask.

We also want to send a huge "thank you" to everyone that contributed to our donation efforts. We have been able to donate a total of 430 masks to local doctor's offices, retirement communities and those in need. 

July Newsletter: Summer Sale and Sale Items

July Newsletter: Summer Sale and Sale Items

We don't have many sales throughout the year but our Summer Sale is one of our favorites for people who are looking for ideas to keep their kid's imagination going strong - especially right now as we may still be staying at home to remain safe. In addition, we have many customers who start their holiday shopping early and this is a great way to save on gifts.

Our Summer Sale goes through JULY 31, 2020 and it is as simple as using the discount code SUMMER2020. Click HERE to have the discount code automatically added to your cart.

This discount code means you can get 20% off on all regularly priced items with the exception of Cotton Face Masks. can even use the code on regularly priced Ready to Ship items! 

In addition to this special sale, you can visit our Sale Items section on our website for items that are discontinued and therefore on a fire sale. All sale items are ready to ship within 24 hours as well. Once these items are gone, they are gone!

Gift Guide: For the Geeks

Gift Guide: For the Geeks
Gift Guide: For the Geeks (our favorite people)..Keep reading for the Flash Sale code!
For the young and young at heart, do we ever really grow out of our favorite fandoms? I don't think so! Our Baby Darth tshirt/onesie is a favorite gift giving item and pairs with our Out of this World finger puppets great. 
Check out our Stitches of Art, Banners, Keychains and Bookmarks for more geeky gift giving.
Today's Flash Sale is on Keychains which make a great stocking stuffer. Buy 3 Keychains and Get One FREE with the code THREEKEYS. Offer ends at 11/23 at 9am. 

Gift Guide: Book Lovers

Gift Guide: Book Lovers
Everyone has a Book Lover on their list to shop for around the holidays and the littlest readers are the most fun to buy for.  Why not wrap one of our finger puppets sets along with a new book and put it under the tree this year? 
Our finger puppets allow children to retell the story or create a whole new story. We have plenty of designs to accompany the most popular books and for the next 48 hours they are on a flash sale. Use the code "FPFLASH" to save 20% off all our finger puppets. 
Sale ends 11/20 at midnight EST and is valid only on the finger puppets and bags that accompany them.  

January Blog Post: Hello 2019!

January Blog Post: Hello 2019!

January 2019 

Our first newsletter/blog post of 2019 is here and it is stuffed full of news and more for this upcoming year!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you saw the biggest news for 2018: the arrival of Joseph Donovan to the world. He has been a crazy fun adventure already and an unwilling baby model at times.

His arrival has meant some major changes for my family and business with the biggest one being a scaling back of weekend craft fairs and pop-up markets. I will still be doing markets throughout the year, but not as many as in previous years.

That has meant a focus on revamping the website, creating new items for both the website and events, and adding new inventory to the website. More on that later!


Our Event Calendar will be updated with events that we will be doing throughout 2019 - with March being the start of events for us this year. Our first two events will be Downtown Cary Food and Flea on March 10th and Pop Up Raleigh on March 16th. Remember, I may not be doing an event every month - so catch me when you can!

Of course, I know that my customers love being able to purchase items whenever they want and the website is the best place to find everything we make. However, there are 3 retail locations that you can currently purchase a selection of items from us on a daily basis.

The Artisan Market at 305
Durham, NC

Three Little Birds
Clayton, NC

Read with Me Bookstore
Raleigh, NC

Website Updates

Back to the big website changes: besides revamping listings left and right...I am also getting around to putting together something that I've been wanting to do for some time now. I call it "Shop by Character" - listings that are organized by a specific character and within it are all the items that I can create based on that character. For instance, in love with a certain Arabian Princess? Have a kid in your life that loves Racing Cars? Check out the first two of our Shop by Character listings to see what is our big goal for 2019!

New Items


Similar to last year, each month I will send out a newsletter and create a blog post that lists all the new items that I have added to the website that month. Instagram is the best place to see the new items as they come out, of course.


Finger Puppets

Hair Accessories


Children's Onesies and T-shirts

Key Chains


Cookie Headband or Barrette is 50% off until February 3rd! 


Buy One, Get One 50% off on our St. Patrick is my Homeboy tops until February 8th using the code SHAMROCK50.

Adventure Awaits: Creating a shared bedroom

Adventure Awaits: Creating a shared bedroom

Before life officially gets crazy(-er), I wanted to sit down and put together this blog post about the changes we made to our daughter's room as we get ready for the arrival of her baby brother. 



There were two main goals in this redo: Create a space that will grow with both of them for a few years because we can not be doing this every other year...and create better storage spaces in their room, without taking up too much space for play!

Of course, the thing that was taking up the most space in her room was her bed. She had a full sized bed before the redecorating began and it took up so much space! I mean, she LOVED her big bed...but hello, we needed more floor space. 

The first thing we decided on was a bunk bed was in her future. To begin with, once the baby transitions out of his toddler bed, they'll still be sharing a room and it's a great solution. We went with the Ikea Mydal bunk bed frame (I've included links to as many items as possible at the end of this blog post) and painted it white. We purchased mattresses from Ikea as well. Her duvet cover set was from Amazon and I had just purchased it for her full sized bed, so I ended up cutting it in half and sewing it into 2 twin sized comforters. It's two-sided and really adorable.

The crib was from Ikea and I am a minimalist when it comes to cribs. Safe and comfortable are my only requirements. The Gulliver crib was exactly that. It transitions into a toddler bed, so we will get plenty of use out of it over the next few years.


I've made a few crib sheets for the crib but came across this sheet from Target in their clearance section and just had to grab it! Plus, you can't have too many crib sheets in my opinion. 



Of course, with making sure those two large pieces of furniture fit where they needed to, that didn't leave me with much room for a dresser. I looked everywhere and ended up coming back to Ikea again. I chose the Dyfjord dresser in white and changed up the hardware for a more modern feel. I knew I would be using it as a changing table as well for a while and this was the perfect height for me, perfect width for the space and the right amount of storage. 

Speaking of storage, give me organized dressers every day of the week. Seriously. I have used these Skubb boxes from Ikea for years and grabbed another set for the kid's dresser and closet. They are really great for socks, baby onesies, underwear and more!

Books. Books. And more books. 

This kiddo has more books than she has clothing....and I'm completely okay with that. We have read to her every single night she has been alive (unless of course she has fallen asleep before we get to it) so she has a large collection of books. 


Our awesome friend Bruce, created this custom window seat for us that has so much storage. Besides the two sections for her books, underneath the window seat cushion there is a hidden compartment for stuffed animals and dolls. Again, I was determined to not let an inch of space in this room to go unused. 

The window seat cushion and pillows were all sewn by me and I knew that I wanted to go with a monochromatic color scheme with pops of color throughout the room. 



Maddie has some "special books" that I wanted to find a place where they would be protected from a little brother and this space behind the door was a perfect fit for a DIY bookshelf project. I used this tutorial on Pinterest, but there are a ton out there.

I went back and forth with doing a large mural on this wall, but I also knew that my painting skills are limited, so I went with these stars from Wordy Bird Studios on Etsy and I am so happy that I did. I choose the Gold color and they are a muted gold color, so it is just enough shimmer when the sun hits them without being "too much".

The cloud lights are from Ikea and are a soft glow nightlight effect. The "cloud bookshelves" are another DIY project that I created. We used spice racks from Ikea that were used as small bookshelves when Maddie was younger and used some scrap plywood to cut out clouds. Some small finishing nails and a coat of white paint - done!

Speaking of paint - I had these two colors picked out for awhile after a random trip to Lowes one day. White Pepper (4001-1A) and Opal Slate (4001-1C) were the two colors used in this room. 



One of the sweetest things in this room, other than my babies of course, is this custom canvas from my dear friend at Pretty Clever Words. Every night we put Maddie to bed, as we are walking out of her room we say "Hey Maddie...I love you..." and then she rushes to say "I love you to the moon, the stars, the sun, and all the way back to all the planets again." ... and we say back, "I love you just like that."

I can't remember when she started saying it but it is seriously my favorite part of the day. If I have had a bad day or things are just going so wrong - her sweet little voice puts a smile on my face every time.

The moment I realized that we would be redecorating this room, this piece of artwork was one of the first things on my list and Lulu at Pretty Clever Words knew exactly what to create. It's difficult to see in the above photo, but it looks like the night sky and Maddie loves it too!


The one corner of the room that will probably get the most use - the changing table. With Maddie we used a dresser top as well and it worked great. It was the perfect height for me and once they are out of diapers - boom - back to a regular dresser. 

I created the baby mobile myself, as well as the changing pad cover (it matches the other crib sheets not pictured). The Dr. Seuss inspired artwork is from Home Goods. 


Will you look at this sweetness? Maddie is obsessed with stuffed animals. Seriously, she names each one, remembers where she bought it or who gave it to her, sleeps and plays with them all the time....seriously obsessed. She was on the hunt for the perfect stuffie for her baby brother for months. I offered some options that I thought were pretty cute...nope. Not good enough. 

Then one night I was updating our baby registry through the Target app and she was looking over my shoulder (adding her two cents) and she saw this stuffed animal set: A bigger bunny in a superhero cape holding a smaller bunny - both with their superhero masks on - ready for their next adventure. I mean, it was a done deal. 

The other thing that stays by her side every night is her "blankie" that a friend handmade for her. Besides his own stuffed animal (because let's be honest - she may not share any of her animals with her baby brother) - he needed his own blanket. We went to Joann's, she picked out the fabric, helped me cut it out and pinned it, sat on my lap as we sewed it - and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. 

So there you go!! All we need is to bring little man home and the room will officially be "complete". 


Links to Items:

Ikea Mydal Bunk Bed
Duvet Set
Ikea Gulliver Crib 
Ikea Dyfjord Dresser
Ikea Skubb boxes
Baby Mobile: Custom design by Leluna Star
Window Seat Cushion: Custom design by Leluna Star
Window Seat Pillows: Custom design by Leluna Star
Gold Stars Wall Decals by Wordy Bird Studios on Etsy
Ikea Dromsyn cloud wall lamp
Ikea Bekvam spice rack (used for cloud bookshelves)
Custom artwork by Pretty Clever Words

September Fab Friday Releases

September Fab Friday Releases

*Blink, Blink* - Where did September go??

Autumn is my favorite time of year and with everything that is happening this year, this year isn't any different. I've been focused on making Halloween and Thanksgiving items and getting them onto the website as quickly as possible. Finger puppets, masks, stuffies, new designs....September was a fun design month!



September Fab Friday Releases

Here you can find a list of all the new items released in September:

You can find all the Fab Friday Releases on our website here!



You can find us locally at two events in October, so come on by and enjoy the cooler temperatures and support local artists.

Please keep up with us on Instagram for any updates on our events. With the baby due in early November, these dates may change (but keeping my fingers crossed that they don't!)

October is always a busy month for me between custom orders, events, personal life - so here we go! We will be adding new items all throughout the month, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to see the previews as we add them to the website. 


Remember: if you subscribe to our monthly newsletter you will receive a discount code to save on all items in the Fab Friday Collection every month.

2018 Fall & Holiday Events

2018 Fall & Holiday Events

Just like that...2018 is coming to a close. Well, for me...not the rest of the world. 

With baby boy arriving in November, I will be taking a break from craft fairs and markets in 2018. I have 4 more planned events for the year, so please come on out and see me there!



Of course, you can always order through our website at and we ship throughout the United States - and for the rest of 2018 - shipping is free!

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for any updates to these events.

~ Lilu

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