Bluey Party Ideas

Bluey Party Ideas

Bluey Party Ideas

In this house, we love Bluey. We quote Bluey. It's on our cars, in the kids play room and we wouldn't change it for the world. 

We recently threw a Bluey Party and I wanted to get all our ideas in one blog post because it was such an epic party. The kids loved it. The adults had so much fun putting it all together. It was truly worth all the effort.

We created a "grand entrance"/gift backdrop/photo backdrop all in one with a simple backdrop holder, some orange and blue fringe curtains and adorable dog balloons. We used this for photos later in the day as well. 


We created different sections throughout the house that corresponded to our favorite Bluey episodes. The kids (and adults) then acted out the different episodes. 


My daughter's favorite episode is Escape so we created our version of the "dream car" using some cardboard boxes, my art "skills", a hulu hoop and a travel car. That hot tub in the back is pure happiness in my kids eyes. ;)

Another favorite episode is "Bus", so the kids threw on some pool towels and glasses comes theeeee Grannies!!



When it comes to party favors and decor, we had to add these felt dress-up masks to the party. We did a mix of adult and kid sizes so that everyone could join in on the fun. 

Dingo Dog Family Masks:




We kept the food simple for this party since we had so much going on but the cake....oh the cake! My sister did a wonderful job with this cake and it's surprise candy center. 


Of course, I wanted to add in some other ideas for Party Favors for a Bluey's party with these finger puppets and coloring dolls:


There are SO many different Bluey Party ideas on Pinterest. Here are some of our favorite:


At the end of the day, the house was full of laughter, the cake was gone and we said "For real life?!" at least 1000 times. But seriously, for real life, this was a fabulous party!!
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