About us

At Leluna Star, we have one motivation: imagination. 

We believe that children should enjoy just being kids for as long as possible. We believe that building a home around the idea that fostering creativity and sparking imagination creates a loving childhood experience...and adults that understand the importance of fun. 

Leah Mancini is the owner and maker behind Leluna Star. She began sewing when she was a teenager, with the support of her Aunt Evie, who taught her how to follow a pattern, choose fabrics and design something fun to wear. Over the years, she built on that knowledge and began sewing her own designs and designs for others. Her lifelong love of fashion was fueled by her passion for creating, designing, and always showing up to the party in an outfit that no one else was sure to be wearing. 

After 15 years as an Executive Assistant and the birth of her first child, she left her career behind to begin a new one - one that was her passion all along - as the owner, designer and maker behind Leluna Star.  With the support of her husband and her family, her focus changed from party tutus and custom outfits to creative and imaginative play toys. 

Now as a mother, she saw that so many toys didn't encourage creativity. There was a set way to play with a toy. She grew up in a time where the days were spent with her sisters, dressing up as their favorite book characters, acting out scenes from movies and adding their dramatic flair to the script. She wanted that for her daughter as well. 

She began a new phase of her creative life by learning a new skill of machine embroidery. This led to her making finger puppets, felt dress-up masks and more. In time, the Leluna Loveable line came about and it continues to grow. 

At Leluna Star, all of our designs are handmade and hand crafted. So many of our products can be customized, so please contact us at info@lelunastar.com if you have any ideas that you would like to see come to life.