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Best Sellers of 2022

Best Sellers of 2022

Best Sellers of 2022

Why would you be interested in what our best sellers were this year?

The same reason that the big box stores send out their toy catalogs ever year. They know what the kids want and are interested in...and so do we!

We have put together a list of our top best sellers this past year and are here to share them with you!



If you know Bluey, just know. Our Bluey inspired Felt Masks and Bluey inspired Coloring Doodle Dolls have been one of our biggest sellers this past year. They put a smile on kids faces but also make adults laugh and recount their favorite Bluey episode. Mine is any episode with Muffin in it...or the Grannies!

Our Pinkalicious Crown and Wand has been one of our biggest sellers this year and we think it is the simplicity of the design with just enough bling to make it sparkle. The star wand is a design that can be used for multiple outfits.   

Superheroes. Always superheroes. For both boys and girls, our Comic Book Felt Masks and Comic Book Bracelets are a big seller. We all want to inspire others to be the best version of themselves and to look out for "the little guy". Superheroes bring that out in so many of our customers. 

Now matter what you purchase from our small business, know that we put so much care into creating something that can be enjoyed for years to come. 


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