Camping Party - A Day Full of Creative Play and Adventures

Camping Party - A Day Full of Creative Play and Adventures

Camping Party - A Day Full of Creative Play and Adventures

I love a good party and a good theme. Thankfully, so does my family! So when we were coming up with fun party ideas for the kids, we settled on a Camping Party theme. In my opinion, we hit it out the park...or should I! 
Our day was full of different activities that kept the kids busy using their imagination and each activity earned them a different badge

They started the day with a Camp Vest that had a Camping badge on it and since they all had done so well learning to swim the last year, they all had already earned a Swimming Badge. 

Our first activity was a Scavenger Hunt, where they earned their Forestry Badge going through the forest (my mom's back yard) looking for hidden items following fun clues. 

Then it was on to the Fishing Pond! We created a pond using a small blow-up pool and a few fishing sets that we found on Amazon. These are the kind that have magnets in the fish and the fishing rods and all the kids had so much fun catching fish and earning their Fishing Badges.

All that play meant a quick break at the Snack Station, where my sister put together a table full of treats that our hungry campers devoured. 



Next stop, the First Aid Station! Forest Bear was injured a needed some special care. Basically, the kids got to play with Band-Aids and took home a new bear and they were thrilled! If they did a good job, they earned their First Aid Badge


A highlight for all the kids (young and old...I'm looking at you husband) was the Archery station. We set up targets, bows and arrows (the kind with suction cups on the ends of course) and they kids had a blast with this station.  Of course, all the dad's needed to join in on the fun as well...but only our little campers earned their Archer Badge.


We had two more stations left for the kids to enjoy and the next was the Bird Study station. We hid various Bird Plushies all over the front yard and the kids used their new binoculars to find them. Every bird they found was on a list and at the end, they earned their Bird Study badge




At this point, we were all starving for some pizza ... and of course, cake! My sister made this adorable cake that we almost didn't want to cut into. But we did...of course. 


The last station was our Fire Safety station...which we combined with Smores. They earned their Fire Safety badge if they sat calmly by the camp fire while we made them Smores. Thankfully, they all earned that badge. :)


We finished the night with movies outside in a big blow up pool, lots of blankets and pillows and popcorn. Because isn't that how every night should end?

Our campers had a blast...we had so much fun coming up with all the games and activities and crafts. Pretty sure we are ready for our next big party!

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