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Gift Guide: Imaginative Play

Gift Guide: Imaginative Play

Gift Guide: Imaginative Play

Imaginative Play...It's a kind of open-ended, unstructured play, with no rules, goals, or result – except that kids learn a lot along the way. That's what we encourage at Leluna Star and the motivating factor behind everything we make: Foster creativity. Spark Imagination.

This gift guide is focus on three collections that do just that: Felt Dress Up Masks, Pretend Play Sets and Crowns and Wands

Felt Dress Up Masks
We have been making our Dress Up Masks for years and my daughter has been wearing hers for just as long. There is something special watching a child "become" a character that they have seen in their favorite movie or TV show. They bring them to life as they act out their adventures. Most of our felt masks are available in Small and Large sizes, with the large size fitting big kids and adults. 

Felt Mask    Felt Mask

Felt Mask

Pretend Play Sets
When I started making these Pretend Play Sets a few years ago, I made them primarily for my daughter to use. She was always looking for more "accessories" to use when she pretended to be a waitress or chef or doctor. Now one of her favorite things to do is to record a video of her "unboxing" new playsets as I finishing stitching them out. 

There are thousands of dress-up clothes out there, but finding quality accessories isn't easy. My daughter is now 7 and we have been through lots of dresses and costumes that last a year or two before they are outgrown or falling apart from hours of play. However, the crowns and wands that I've made her are still being worn and played with years later. We have princess crowns, pirate hats, and even bad guy/girl accessories...because someone has to play the bad guy, right?  

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