February 2021 Leluna Star Update

February 2021 Leluna Star Update

February 2021 Leluna Star Update

New journeys.

Sometimes, the first step is the hardest. Taking on new challenges and being creative in a new way can be a little nerve racking. 

For awhile now, I've been working on some new designs and products...making, taking apart, adjusting, sharing with friends and family...and going back to the drawing board to start all over again. The creative process is just that...a process. Some times you just need to let an idea sit for awhile before picking it up again and watching it truly bloom. 

This month, I will be releasing new items from product groups that you have grown to love over the years: new crowns, wands, dress up masks, key chains, art, and pretend play. However, I am also introducing a brand new product line that I am very excited about!

Introducing...Leluna Loveables

Leluna Loveables

"Leluna Loveables"
will be a growing collection of items that aligns with our motto of fostering creativity and sparking imagination. Our Swaddle Sweeties are the first from this collection: handmade, soft baby dolls that are the perfect size for little ones to imagine adventures and care for. Each month, I will release a group of dolls that are ready-to-ship. They will be limited in number and will go "live" the first of every month. I will also be offering Custom Swaddle Sweeties where you can create the doll of your dreams. 

   Leluna Star Swaddle Sweetie soft baby doll    Leluna Star Swaddle Sweetie soft baby doll    

Next in this collection: Fanciful Fairies. These dolls have a little more to them with a removeable tutu, wings, flower crowns...and ready for even more adventure.


 Of course all of our most cherished possessions need a place to sleep and so I am also bringing you our soft Baby Doll Beds. These beds are made with a cotton fabric on the outside of the bed and with flannel fabric for the lining, mattress and pillow on the inside of the bed. We will have some beds already completed and online every month, but will also be offering custom work for these as well. 


But wait...there's more!

In March I will be adding even more to this new product line! So be sure to follow me on Instagram and "like" my business on Facebook. If you haven't already, sign up for our monthly newsletters to receive a discount code that is exclusive to our newsletter subscribers.

Once again...thank you for supporting a small business!

- Leah

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  • These new products look SO great! I know they will be super popular!

    Lulu on

  • These new products look SO great! I know they will be super popular!

    Lulu on

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