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April 2021 Leluna Star Update

April 2021 Leluna Star Update

April 2021 Leluna Star Update

Spring has sprung!

Spring is always one of my favorite seasons. I love gardening and seeing things turn green and grow again just makes my heart happy. So it is a perfect time to celebrate, in my opinion, so that's exactly what we are doing for the rest of the month of April with our Spring Fling sale!


You choose how you want to save with either 20% off your entire order or Free Shipping. You can find all the details on our Current Promotion page.

Brand Sparkling New Items        

This month, I've added to the Leluna Loveable collection with the "Darling Dolls". These dolls have been so much fun to design, create and share with you. The dolls are make from cotton fabrics, with some dolls having specialty fabrics and accessories. They are 18" in size and just the perfect size for all sorts of adventures. 

I will be offering a custom Darling Doll option in May where you can design your own doll.



Mermaids! Mermaids! Okay...these ladies were beyond fun to make. Seriously...I have the best job. And apparently, you all thought so too as these ladies sold quickly!

I will be making more Mermaid Dolls in the upcoming months, but I will also be offering a custom Mermaid Doll option as well in you can create your own special mermaid!

With it being Spring, I thought a new Flower Shop Pretend Playset was perfect for this time of year! Take a order for flowers, make a bouquet and brighten someone's day.



But wait...there's more!

In May we will be having our first event in over a year!!!  On May 9th, I will be at Downtown Cary Food and Flea and I am thrilled to have an event on the calendar. I will be fully vaccinated at this point but still doing my part to have a safe, socially distanced event. 

I will be doing less events this year than in years past, so be sure to follow me on Instagram and "like" my business on Facebook for announcements as to when I will be doing markets. 

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Once again...thank you for supporting a small business!

- Leah

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