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March 2022 Newsletter: It's Time to Pop!

March 2022 Newsletter: It's Time to Pop!

March 2022 Newsletter: It's Time to Pop!


Are you ready to get out and enjoy some Spring weather and spend an afternoon shopping at local markets and pop-up markets?  So are we! 

Keep reading to get more information on our first events for 2022 as well as all of our Brand Sparkling New items for March. They told us not to talk about Bruno. We didn't listen. ;)



This year, our monthly collection of new items will be made available the first Friday of every month. 

This month we have added two new Finger Puppet sets, new Doodle Doll sets and four new Dress-up Mask sets! 


We are thrilled to add so many new items to our Brand Sparkling New collection this month...all with the focus on imagination and creative play. You can follow that link to see the specific new items added this month. 

Grab one of our new Finger Puppet sets and have your child retell a story in their own words or create a brand new story. Check out our Finger Puppets in action in this Instagram Reel

Our Coloring Doodle Dolls are a big hit for people of all ages. We love creating gifts that can be used multiple times. 

We took a trip down memory lane with our four new Felt Dress-up Mask sets this was a long trip!

We hope you enjoy all the new items that we have added this month. We have also added back to the website some of the Finger Puppets that we used to sell. This is a slow process, but if there are any sets you would like to see come back asap, send us a message and we will push those to the front of the list. 



Our events for 2022 are about to begin!

We are ready to be out and about with our customers at our various craft markets this year. We will have a limited market schedule this year as we are planning on being a part of larger events, but will still be doing a few local events throughout the year. 

March Events:

Sunday, March 6 - Art-n-Soul Market at Amberly in Cary, NC

Sunday, March 13 - Downtown Cary Food and Flea in Cary, NC

We hope to see you at one of our events this year. Thank you in advance for supporting small business year round. It means the world to us. 

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