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2021 Winter Sale: What to buy

2021 Winter Sale: What to buy

2021 Winter Sale: What to buy

It's that time of year for our big Winter Sale!

So, what should be on your shopping list?

One of our newest items this year is our Bouncing Baby Dolls. These are full sized baby dolls that come with a diaper and an outfit (if you choose) and wear size Preemie - Newborn clothing that can be purchased anywhere! We have a few dolls that are ready to be sent your way...or you can create a custom doll - a truly one of a kind creation! However, shop early because the last day to order any custom doll item is November 30th (for the 2021 year...they will be back in 2022).

Doodle Dolls. What are Doodle Dolls, you say? They are stuffed "pillows" or dolls that are made from a high quality cotton. Each doll comes with a Crayola Washable Marker set. You color the doll, play with it, wash it, the color comes off and you can do it all over again! Some children love to just "design" their own doll by coloring it and leaving it how they colored it. Either way, it is a wonderful way for children (or adults) to be creative and use their imagination. And with over 100 different designs, we have something for everyone!

You know we are all about the aspect of imagination and pretend play over here at Leluna Star. Our Pretend Playsets are as well. It's a great way for kids to have a foundation for an idea and they can build on it. Love the Zookeeper set? Have your kids get out their stuffed animals, create a zoo, and take care of the animals!

Those are just some of the many gift items we have over at If you need help shopping for someone in particular, feel free to send us an email at and we would be happy to assist!

You can find more information about the Winter Sale on our Current Promotions page. Discount codes will be announced a few days before the sale begins. 
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