Time for a Throwback

Time for a Throwback

We enjoyed a blast from the past with all of the wonderful new items that were inspired by the 80’s. We hope that all of these items brought back fun child hood memories.

We started our week with our Plumber Bros Felties. These are fun because they can be made into hair accessories and paper clips, but we did not stop there, we also have Plumber Bros Finger Puppets!



All of our finger puppets tell a story but our Fantasy Video Game Finger Puppets are pretty cool. Our finger puppets are perfect for road trips and will keep your children entertained.


 Who doesn’t like a good mystery? But no need to  solve the mystery yourself when you can have help  from the Mystery Solvers! And don’t forget the  Mystery Van bag. Who will you let drive the  Mystery Van?


We ended the week with more finger puppets like Strawberry Girl & Friends, throwback key-chains, more Throwback felties and of course Throwback Masks!



Take a look at all of our new products on Instagram.

Keep making memories and be inspired.

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