My Mother is better than your Mother.

My Mother is better than your Mother.

I mean, isn't that what you feel as you are shopping for your Mother every Mother's Day? Nothing is good enough for your mom because she is The.Best.Mom.Ever.

As much as we love creating for kids over here at Leluna Star, we realize that if it wasn't for all those amazing Moms out there, we wouldn't have anyone to create for. So, yes, we create for Mothers as well. The organized ones, the superhero ones, the hustlers, the wine lovers, the beer lovers, the ones that need to get organized...all of them.







The Organized (or soon-to-be organized) Mom
 Our bookmarks and planner items are perfect for     the Mom who loves to be organized, to plan and to   keep it all together. All of our felties can be made       into paper clips for planners/calendars, but our         bookmarks are a personal favorite. They work with   planners,cookbooks, novels and more - and they     can all be customized. The Perfect Planner Set has the best of it all.


Tanks and T-Shirts
Our tank tops and t-shirts are a favorite for anyone who loves be comfortable, loves wine or beer, loves being funny, loves being a superhero...or you know...loves being a Mom. As always, since everything we make is made to order, we can adjust colors, styles and more for any of our tops.



We aren't super fancy over here at Leluna Star, but we do make bracelets that, while simple, say a lot. Both of these are a personal and customer favorite.


Gift Cards
Too hard to choose? Let her shop for herself and get her a gift card that never expires. Our gift cards are gift wrapped and have all the information that your recipient needs to redeem them.

No matter where you shop, we hope you enjoy celebrating the women in your life that mean the most to you. It doesn't matter how they became a mother, they are all so special. 

If you choose Leluna Star - thank you for choosing a small business for your gift giving needs. As a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and a true "mother hustler" - you are all amazing!

~ Lilu ~


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