July Newsletter: Summer Sale and Sale Items

July Newsletter: Summer Sale and Sale Items

We don't have many sales throughout the year but our Summer Sale is one of our favorites for people who are looking for ideas to keep their kid's imagination going strong - especially right now as we may still be staying at home to remain safe. In addition, we have many customers who start their holiday shopping early and this is a great way to save on gifts.

Our Summer Sale goes through JULY 31, 2020 and it is as simple as using the discount code SUMMER2020. Click HERE to have the discount code automatically added to your cart.

This discount code means you can get 20% off on all regularly priced items with the exception of Cotton Face Masks. Yes...you can even use the code on regularly priced Ready to Ship items! 

In addition to this special sale, you can visit our Sale Items section on our website for items that are discontinued and therefore on a fire sale. All sale items are ready to ship within 24 hours as well. Once these items are gone, they are gone!

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