Fab Friday - April 13, 2018

Fab Friday - April 13, 2018

The most difficult part of a vacation is getting back to work and this week was no different! So, to help with the sluggish feeling - I decided to focus on orders and creating things that made me happy. 

Finger Puppets - Panther


Without a doubt, I've had so many requests for these finger puppets the past month and I am so excited to finally have them available for purchase. The Panther Finger Puppets will also be a staple at my events this year, if you want to see them in person before purchasing.  I also created a new finger puppet bag with this set - but honestly, I had to offer it as a bag/purse as well. 


All of our Felt Bags can be made three different ways - and yes - once a category is part of a Fab Friday Collection, you can use the discount code FABFRIDAY15 on any of the designs that you see in that listing. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Another finger puppet set - Ninja Block Men - is just too cool. My daughter has already snagged her favorites. 


And a quick update to one of our most popular finger puppet sets - Out of this World - we've updated 4 of the most popular characters with a new design that matches the other characters in the set. 


Last, but not least - a new key chain set is coming next week, but I had time to sneak one of them in this week. 



Remember - use the code FABFRIDAY15 on everything and anything in the Fab Friday Collection to save 15%. The collection changes every Friday, so you have less than a week to use the code on these specific items. 

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