All burp cloths are the same. Or are they?

All burp cloths are the same. Or are they?

In my last blog post - August Fab Friday Releases - I posed this question:

What do burp cloths, bookmarks and board games have in common?

Besides starting with the letter B...they've all been on my mind the past few months. With the upcoming arrival of our second baby, I've been on a personal mission to get rid of clutter, reorganize the house and minimize the "crazy". 

Now, I am not a pack rat. I grew up with a mother that lived by a strict Spring Cleaning and Fall Cleaning schedule and by "cleaning" I mean "Clean Out and Get Rid Of." If we hadn't used it, worn it or played with it in the past 6 was donated, passed on or thrown away. Living in a small farm house with one closet for 3 girls, we kind of didn't have a choice!

Fast forward a few years...being married with a child and owning a house...somehow ... we now had all this stuff that needed to be dealt with. I've spent the past 6 months slowly doing that. Closets have been cleaned out, clothes have been donated, things have been passed on and I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. 

However....I still have another baby on the way and with this one being a boy, we were definitely in need of buying or registering for some new things. We were able to save a lot of the big items from when our daughter was small, but the majority of her clothes were very pink and very girly. registries. They give you that scanner gun, some quick instructions and off you go running around Target just scan-happy!! It's fun, right? Except, I just finished my Minimize Mission and was extremely thoughtful of everything that I registered for. "Do we really really really need this or can we live without it?" I asked myself before I scanned each item. 

That brings me to burp cloths. 

I know. I know. It makes sense in my head. 


The one thing that I could not live without the first year of my daughter's life were burp cloths. First during the nursing stage, then as she started on solid foods and then when she was just getting into everything and anything. Having a quality burp cloth that soaked up and cleaned up messes was crucial. And can they please be cute? I mean, you are basically walking around the first year of your kids life with a burp cloth permanently attached to your shoulder - can it make you smile a little?

As I was registering for baby #2, I was so unhappy with the burp cloth choices out there. First, so many of them were so thin. No. Just no. I want a mini towel to clean up messes. Secondly, boring. I mean - blue, pink, white, grey...give me some life, people!

That's when I remembered that way back when my daughter was young, I ended up making some for her because I ran across the same issues before. 

So, that is why I am bringing back my favorite Burp Cloths to Leluna Star. Maybe there are some other moms and mothers-to-be that are thinking the same thing!

Made from soft fabrics with a terry cloth backing for really soaking up messes - with fun print options (as well as some traditionally cute nursery prints) - these burp cloths are a great addition to any nursery for you or to give as a gift. They are 19 inches long and 8 inches in width at each end, so they cover so much area as you throw them over your shoulder and get on your way.


So you many be asking - ok - what does this have to do with bookmarks and board games? I'll be getting into more details about that in the next few weeks in my blog posts, but the big picture is all about organizing and small ways to help make my life (and maybe yours) a little bit easier. 

How do these burp cloths do that? Because you are purchasing a product that you will actually use, need to use less of them (read: less laundry) and they really do their job. 

Back to creating!

~ Lilu ~

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