Big Changes!

Big Changes!
2017 is going to bring a lot of changes over here at Leluna Star and I am so thrilled!

Two things I can announce now are our monthly "what's new" newsletter. I've had many customers say that they miss out on new dress-up dolls or finger puppets released because they aren't on Instagram all the time. With my monthly newsletter, there will be a list of all the new items and through the newsletter *only* will you receive an introduction price code on all items released that month.  You can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this page.

Secondly, I will be moving away from making seasonal children's clothing lines. I'm just too busy making everything else! So that means I will be updating the website with a whole new SALE ITEMS section in the coming weeks! All these items are ready to send and will not be made again.

Here's to all the adventures that 2017 has in store!
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